Yet another inspiring book on entrepreneurship !

Chanced upon a life changing book in Kinokuniya yesterday. “The Startup Playbook” by David S.Kidder is a sum of stories and secrets from some of the fastest growing start ups. Their CEOs share their wealth of knowledge in these pages. The book simplifies the process of business and will inspire fence-sitting-want-to-take-the-plunge entrepreneurs, it will share nuggets of wisdom to CEOs in business already.

The format is great. A few pages for each entrepreneur and their story, the company story, their advice from their mistakes, what they do for fun and their vision for the future. The end of the book has a best advice section across all aspects of business, from hiring to culture, to customers and marketing.

This is a must read. Personally I am loving the format, the ease of reading, how every page is reeking of inspiration, the publication design itself.

I particularly found this review of the book perfect and apt

I love this book. It’s like having a virtual advisory board of some of the best entrepreneurs in the world. You will discover valuable insights or a good idea on every page to add to your own Playbook. -Brian O’Kelly. Founder, App Nexus

The book features CEOs and founders of companies like TED talks, Spanx, AOL, Flickr, Blurb, LinkedIn, PayPal, jawbone, mimeo etc so the information and inspiration is very relevant and current.





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