Monk and Koi conversations 13

The sun cast long shadows and began its goodbyes by kissing the lake golden. A lazy mist floated upon the water, as Koi made her way back to the banks.

She could see the Monk bathed in the shimmering hues of the evening sun. His face was glowing with an ethereal aura. Koi hesitated and didn’t wish to disturb the beautiful moment, but Monk sensed Koi’s presence.

In his trademark soft tone, he spoke with his eyes still closed. “Isn’t it a beautiful evening Koi? It’s nice to have you back.”

“I wanted your advice today Monk.” Koi said as the golden reflections of the lake danced around Monk. “For years, I have been seeking a sign. I read about signs and heard talks about how your life suddenly finds purpose. I don’t know where to look Monk. What are these signs and how do I know where they are?”

A flock of birds made their way together in the evening sky. Monk always took his time before he answered and by now Koi savored the silences too.

“Many years ago, I was consumed by this quest for seeking a sign that would show me the way Koi. I read so many books, travelled the world and searched for a sign that would give me meaning and purpose. For years, the idea flirted with me like a mirage and the harder I looked, the more elusive the idea became.”

After many years I was on a trek, once again seeking these signs and clarity of purpose. While I found myself, I didn’t come across any signs. I was traveling back home after this beautiful trip and connected with myself through the journey back. I took a taxi and headed home. As I stood with my luggage to pay the cab, my eyes saw a beautiful graffiti and stared at it. After the car sped away, I walked upto it fascinated by its colors and depth. I stood by the wall, and at my eye level i chanced upon a hand painted scribble that just said- if you are looking for a sign, this is it!

And right there in front of my house, 20 feet away, I realized that every thing is a sign and you don’t need to seek them. You don’t need a sign, you can find meaning and clarity from everything and deep inside your purpose is already calling you. I learnt that it’s about listening inwards and not seeking external signs. I realized that the magical journey I was on, waiting for the universe to align is only a romantic form of lazy procrastination.”

“So Koi, right now for me your presence and curiosity is a sign, the flock of birds that flew over us magically is a sign, the golden sunset is a sign. This is it.”

Monk was silent again and Koi turned and swam away looking around and seeing the world anew.

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