Monk and Koi conversations 12

It was still raining heavily that morning, when Koi returned to the Monk. This time, she was sure the Monk would still be there.

All the other fish had swiftly retreated to the safety of lake bed, perturbed by the rhythmic pitter patter of raindrops on the surface and the occasional sound of distant thunder.

Koi noticed a bubble of tranquility around Monk even amidst the deluge of the storm. Monk sensed Koi’s presence despite the sound of the wind and rain.

“Koi, you are brave to venture in the rain. My guess is that you still have a burning question for me that brought you still.”

“As a matter of fact, I do Monk.”

Both of them allowed the rain to speak for a few minutes between the occasional rumble of thunder. Koi spoke as the echo of the thunder faded.

“I have been confused the last few days Monk. All my friends ask me to choose and I can’t seem to decide what I am.”

Monk wanted to know more “Choose what Koi? Tell me more about your confusion.”

“Monk, teach me how to choose. Am I a workaholic or focussed on my loved ones, am I money oriented or spiritual, am I an artist or a business person, am I an extrovert or comfortable alone, am I energetic or calm, right brained or left brained, mischievous or responsible? Everyone I know seem to made choices and know who they are. How do I decide Monk?”

The soft sound of the gentle rain enveloped them again as Monk soaked in Koi’s question. Monk spoke after a few minutes, his voice softer than the raindrops.

“Koi, very early I learnt a valuable lesson. I chose not to choose. All our lives we are taught to make choices. Why not choose not to choose. To be able to be everything and be everything and not live in defined compartments of choices. I chose both passion for life and also a love for finance and money. I chose intense hard work and also a balanced happy life, love for my family and also my business and goals, I chose extrovert and also an introvert when I needed it, energetic one moment and also calm the other and each of these choice was me.”

“Koi instead of ‘either or’, I chose the phrase ‘and also’. When we choose not to make choices and embrace all facets it frees us of boundaries and compartments. It allows us to flow with the moments and just be.”

Koi smiled and it was suddenly so simple. She darted between the lotus stems feeling lighter, as she left behind her confusions yet again by the bank. A streak of sunlight magically peeped though the rain clouds.

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