My sons first day of school


Our son starts school today.

It’s his first day as he transitions from his cute little play school into a primary school. We are super excited and so is he. I suspect the 2 parents and his sister is even more excited than him!

We just can’t believe that the years have flown by so fast and now they will zip by even faster! Looking forward to the adventures that will unravel and the stories that will soon become legend.

I can’t imagine what is about to happen when a 3 year with dimples, a big heart, a sense of humor, a pinch of mischief, dollops of energy, love and imagination walks into school! I wish I could be a little fly on the wall and see the interactions and how he grows up very day. The lessons and the moments that are about to create a big part of his persona. The knowledge and the camaraderie.

Here’s a few beautiful visual quotes from Pinterest on children I chanced upon today as we get set for the big day!





Serendipity: touching lives!


I was at a networking event recently and I sat next to a marketing head from an interior company. The lady looked extremely familiar and I just couldn’t seem to place her. I usually pride myself on being having a great memory with people I meet and I just couldn’t discover her from any rolodex in my mind!

I finally gave up and I introduced myself to her. Her eyes widened and she exclaimed loudly “Wow, it’s you, it’s you!” I sat there surprised, amused and a little shocked and racked my head again for clues. She again said that I had changed her life and thanked me profusely. Suddenly, I remembered her.

She was a prospective client I had met months ago for a design project. After the briefing meeting, she had mentioned in passing that she had been trying so many ways to lose weight and hadn’t got anywhere. When i reached office I had mailed her a link to my blog where I had shared my learnings and struggle with weight loss and what I had discovered in that journey.

She was ecstatic when she met me again and told me she had lost nearly 30 pounds of weight inspired by the blog. She thanked me over and over again and couldn’t stop telling everyone around the room about the transformation due to my blog.

I left feeling wonderful and inspired. The fact that my words could at least impact one person felt unbelievable. She also shared with me that what inspired her the most was the authentic and honest manner in which I shared my experience and that resonated with her the most.

This chance meeting was a great learning and inspiration to keep sharing experiences which could in some way impact someone somewhere without us

I couldn’t recognize her because she had lost 30 pounds!!!