Gallop, 40 x 60 cm



Tried my first larger format painting. Stayed with horses. This time tried to see how I could get a sense of high speed movement and power. I painting it completely with a sponge and even did the textures of the mane with sponge textures. A silver pen added the element of fantasy and magic and I tried the old toothbrush spray paint from the school days for added motion.

This is fun. Think I will go 50×70 now. This is great fun and such a stress buster!!!







I drew horses today!


Spend some time today illustrating after a long hiatus. Picked up a piece of paper without knowing what I wanted and just let my pen wander.

Straight ink to paper for a bit today evening in office when I got a breather, and let fantasy capture the paper. What emerged seemed to be part horse, part dragon, part speed and immense energy and grace.

I should do a series of these and frame them together. Would love to work with water colors and silver textures overlaid with these lines to accentuate the fantasy element and see how that turns out.

I had an amazing time doing these. Taking the journey with a blank canvas on my mind as well was part meditative really.