Monk and Koi conversations 11

“What is gut feel, Monk? I hear everyone speaking about this and instinct and intuition. Tell me more.” Koi had been waiting to ask the monk this question since the last evening.

Monk gifted Koi his trademark smile, that always radiated suddenly from his calm meditative visage. “Your questions are getting interesting Koi. Often, you leave me thinking deeper.”

Koi was delighted with the thought that she made Monk think more. “Thank you, Monk. That means so much.”

“Koi, gut feel is often misunderstood as a voice that mysteriously appears. That uneasy feeling when you meet someone for the first time and you don’t know why, the nervousness when you are about to finalize an important decision, a discomfort deep in your stomach, when you know something bad is about to happen, and also a smile when you are certain something good is coming your way. We feel these bursts of intuition and so often we don’t listen to them.”

“It’s a sum total of everything you experienced, learnt, read and heard waking up as events unfold. Your experience is then sending you their humble opinion. The more you experience in life, the wiser you get, the louder your instincts speak , the more you hear them clearly and the more you respect their opinions.”

“Koi, Instinct or gut feel is your experience and wisdom whispering softly to you.”

Koi understood monks metaphor and returned home, once again deep in thought and feeling wiser.

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