Parenting musing for the day


How much to protect and how much to let them experience and learn as kids? This is always the big quandary.

As kids we enjoyed the freedom and learnt so much by doing things and making our mistakes. As a parent, so often the instinct is to protect and ensure everything is perfect.

I have to keep telling myself so often, that resilience and independence are such important virtues to nurture as well. One of the key ingredients for successful living is the ability to learn to adapt and bounce back with the least scars and the maximum wisdom learnt!


Jonathan Livingston Pigeon

There’s a flock of pigeons that I notice everyday on my drive to work.

I see them move together and fly with passion. They hover and maneuver through the air for no rhyme or reason, circling endlessly as a flock. Then they settle down on the roof of a hospital building and suddenly break out into their flamboyant flight of fancy.

They aren’t going anywhere or have a destination or a reason to do what they do. There’s no predator hunting them or a nest they are flying to, they have this artful flutter and a looping pattern and return to sit and soak in the accolades and admiring eyes.

There’s so much to learn from their passion and joy in taking a flight of fancy for no rhyme or reason.

Richard Bach would have been proud.