5 reasons to make branding the key ingredient in your food and beverage business

  The food and beverage industry is one of the fastest growing industries world wide with new concepts launching everyday and existing concepts growing by leaps and bounds. It is also the industry with one of the highest rates of failure. Successful concepts suddenly fade and disappear due to innumerable reasons. New concepts catch the... Continue Reading →

10 steps to rebrand your successful business

In today’s dynamic global market space, competing on price and quality will never be a game changer. Businesses today are looking to create a brand that speaks their story, that packages their USP and expounds to  the world why they are so good. They need a visual depiction of their offering that emotionally connects their... Continue Reading →

The 5 top challenges faced by marketers and global brands today

In today’s fast changing economy, marketing has taken a new dimension completely. Combined with the rapid leaps in the use of social media on one side and an economy thats unstable and challenging, brands have to adjust to the new landscape and adopt a new strategy that remains effective.  The first step is to look... Continue Reading →

Monks with color 

I explored adding more color to the monks. Detailed the buildings and depicted them in concentric circles to symbolise the inner journey to find oneself.  Finding your own quiet spot and rejuvenating yourself need not await a vacation but finding balance everyday, all the time.              

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