100s of puns and bad jokes in one post! The worlds highest density of bad humor!!


Puns fascinate me! I collect them in all sizes, shapes, kilobytes and varying degrees of intelligence!
I have scoured the net across funny and not so funny sites, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and a host of other resources to find puns. I love puns, the word play and the ability to let your mind sink and let other people drown with you into a space where they either grin, smile, laugh out loud, wince, grunt, frown, throw up, fall ill or jump of a really tall building in slow motion!

If you survive this holocaust and want to trouble a fellow human being and change the world, do share immediately!
































































































Engaging brands- an example!

I was at a conference today at Media one hotel dubai. The conference room at the business center was such a fresh breath of air. What was usually a strait jacketed atmosphere in a typical corporate settings was turned into a fun and engaging experience.

A message in the lift for the business center set the tone saying “if you are wearing a tie, this is not the place for you”. Set in the media city of dubai, the place new it’s target audience and had created the vibe for the creative clientele.

The attention to detail from the graphic red glasses, cutlery, candy in jars and the fun messages across all stationery was fresh with a hint of mischief. The coffee mug had various messages, note pads, writing materials and posters too. I could constantly see every participant smiling and connecting emotionally with the space.

This is what branding is about. Connecting emotionally and engaging the consumer and creating a memorable experience in the consumers mind. This place so nailed it!




The effect of inflation on superheroes: info graphic


 What a cool idea to explore! The effect of inflation on superheroes!!

Emil Lendof, Bob AlGreene and Nina Frazier  look at how inflation could have affected superheroes. They look at the cost of their lifestyles from when they were first created and the equivalent cost today.

The Price of Being a Superhero Infographic | The Coolector.

A simple video that will make you smile

Chanced upon this old video on Youtube and loved its meaningless, goofy and simple content.

This is sure to cheer you up when you are in the lowest ebb and suddenly everything will be better again. Its a great testament to the fact that the most inane things can actually make us smile if we let them! Leave you brains and problems behind and smile along!


Fun things to do when salespeople call!!

Great ideas found from the net!!

1. Tell them they must have the wrong number, only god lives here

2. When they call back, Tell them this is the devil’s residence

3. Tell them she/he can’t come to the phone right now as they are in deep meditation and may stay that way for days.

4. Start telling them about the wonderful encyclopedias you have in stock.

5. Start telling them your life story

6. Tell them about your intense hatred for salespeople, then ask where they live

7. Reply to all their questions in song

8. Ask for someone who can translate pig Latin, as you speak no other language

9. Hand the phone to the youngest member of the house (under 5)

10. As soon as they name the corporation they represent begin barking relentlessly

11. Start trying to give them a psychological analysis

12. Demand that they refer to you as Dr. Chopsticks

13. Proudly describe what you found in your ear this morning

14. Ask them what color underwear they are wearing today

15. Describe your socks in detail

16. Interrupt them repeatedly to describe the beauty of your new toaster

17. Whiningly tell thing that it is past your bedtime

18. Midway through the conversation say, “oh no Phil! You’ve done it again! I told you that knife was too sharp! Where are we going to get the money for another funeral?”

19. Ask them repeatedly if they believe in antelopes

20. Refuse to answer any of their questions, as they may be one of THEM!

21. Ask them what they think would happen if you put a frog in a blender later tell them they were wrong

22. Ask them for their phone number so that you can call them back and chat some more

13. Burst into tears when they try to hang up and scream “Don’t leave Me!”

24. Tell them about the time when you got stuck in the doggy door

25. When they ask to speak to you spend a long time trying to decide if that really is your name and after you realize it is ask them to remind you of it occasionally

26. Proudly explain that they are the first person that you have spoken to since you return to Earth

27. In the middle of the conversation start humming the sesame street theme song, when they try to speak sound surprised and say, “Is someone there?”

28. Begin snoring

29. Gleefully explain that “they” have come for you and that you are going to a better place!!

A Punfight and an Ok quarrel

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 6.43.58 PM

This is a great Pun fight that happened over my status update on FB. The idea that evolved  was to pun over Bollywood film titles. We had a blast and here’s the result!!  I have kept the names of the punners within the puns. I challenge you to survive reading till the very end without getting giddy! ha ha Enjoy

This is how it started:

Sajith Ansar  Is Hum aapke hain corn a film about Salman leading the agricultural revolution?

Sajith Ansar Is chuck De a film where shah rukh fires Shobha de?

Sajith Ansar Is Undas apna apna a film where Aamir khan turns possessive over his omelette?

And this is the turn it took!

Molshri Kohli Ezekiel Is dil chahta hai a film about amir khan falling in love with his umbrella?

Pushpendra Misra is Undas apna apna a story about bigger balls?

Sajith Ansar Is company a film about a drought?

Pushpendra Misra Is Shool a film about pashmina?

Pushpendra Misra Is kai po che a film about mops?

Sajith Ansar Is koi mill Gaya about the textile industries decline?

Sajith Ansar Is pukar about a teddy and his automobile

Sajith Ansar Is golmaal about messi
Suresh Venkat Is dewaar a film about the war?

Sajith Ansar Is pardes about the land of cats?

Suresh Venkat And don’t even get me started on Mere do anmol Ratan

Sajith Ansar Is barfi about a vampire slayer?

Suresh Venkat Himmatwala is about a rubber sheet salesman?

Sajith Ansar Is jab tak hain jan about a sales guy who’s worried about Decembers targets

Rahul Singh Kaminey was a very welcoming movie

Rahul Singh Don’t get me started on Astitva
Rahul Singh Sajith actually Barfi was quite a nauseous movie

Rahul Singh Gandhi was the real Dirty Movie

Adarsh Gupta Is Shootout at Wada La , the story of a waiter getting shot for serving breakfast late?

Adarsh Gupta Is Sholay the story of an easy girl ?

Shiva Kumar I think barfi is the one where he has acute motion sickness

Adarsh Gupta Is Sil Sila the story of a very quick tailor ?

Charu Menon Was hututu about a man who loved to spit?

Shiva Kumar Kai po Che is a Tamil movie about an amputee

Charu Menon Was Lagaan a campaign to increase internet participation?

Shiva Kumar Dabang is centered around a one night stand

Charu Menon Was cheeni kum a public invite for Cheeni?

Adarsh Gupta Is Banned it Queen another name for Sharmila Tagore for her tenure in the censor board ?

Adarsh Gupta Was Bebus a gujju film about public transport ?

Charu Menon Is Saawariya a story about a nonplussed warrior?

Adarsh Gupta Isnt Abroo the film about love of coffee?

Shiva Kumar Ishqiya is about a flu pandemic and hay fever

Adarsh Gupta Is Damaad the Jamaican version of One Flew over the Cuckoos nest ?

Shiva Kumar Drona is about unmanned planes attacking
Shiva Kumar Halla Bol is about silent crank calls

Shiva Kumar Hera Pheri is about waiting to cross a river by boat

Shiva Kumar Rang de basanti is about calling an elderly lady bus driver

Shiva Kumar Udaan is a Japanese cookery movie about making noodles

Rahul Singh Rangeela offers a great lesson on running in the rain

Shiva Kumar Bunty aur babli is about a bakery serving chai and champagne

Rahul Singh Mohabbat is an interesting followup to the Hobbit

Rahul Singh Theres a lot of people who dont trust tea. They made Shakti …

Rahul Singh Pukar had some great tips about keeping a clean digestive system

Rahul Singh Damn I forgot what I wanted to Aks

Rahul Singh I seem to have lost my Khakees..how am i gonna go home?

Shiva Kumar Deewar is about soldiers in battle

Rahul Singh Theres this movie they dont like in Africa…its called Do Kaliyaan..dunno why

Shiva Kumar Maqbool is about a very large fast food burger

Rahul Singh The diamond lobby is protesting the screening of this Shashi Kapoor classic..Faqeera

Rahul Singh Same is the case of the Choudhary family..they cant stand Justice Choudhary
Shiva Kumar Dev is about a tech team

Shiva Kumar Dev D is about them finding a new language

Adarsh Gupta La Fun Gay – Par in Day is a touching film of same sex people who want to come out in daylight doing as they do.

Rahul Singh Lawaris is all bout this french guy who came into an inheritance

Shiva Kumar Kismat is a movie against public display of affection

Rahul Singh Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar is true..to win we must look inwards

Shiva Kumar Kal ho na ho is about prostitute’s change of mind

Shiva Kumar Jajantaram mamantaram is about an alcoholic judge and his alcoholic mother

Sajith Ansar Hum aapke hai akon is about a singer who doesn’t know the lyrics

Sajith Ansar Masoom was about a mother who found solace in her camera

Shiva Kumar Oh and Devdos about a tech team working exclusively on primitive Microsoft language

Sajith Ansar Awaarapan is about a battle of bad humor or about this status update

Rahul Singh Woah Kaun Thi ..was a message to the mother of Pandavas to take it easy

Sajith Ansar Was Don made as a response to is raat ki subah nahin?

Shiva Kumar Pukar is about a shitty automobile

Rahul Singh hamraaz is the secret behind bad acting

Sajith Ansar Was pati Patni orwo about a couple fighting over a 35mm roll of film?

Shiva Kumar Taal is a Bangla movie about Ian Anderson

Sajith Ansar Kaal is a film about a runner whose surname is Lewis

Rahul Singh Subash Ghai had to set up a taal free number to handle the complaints
Rahul Singh Lets not Raashi into this

Sajith Ansar Is sarfarosh about an itch from washing powder?

Sajith Ansar Is a story about Jodie foster’s masseur called Rub ne banaya Jodie?

Rahul Singh Coolie No. 1 was about the terrifying medical condition where the patient unriates ice water. Scary stuff.

Pushpendra Misra Is Deewar a film about someone’s deep sea adventures?

Pushpendra Misra Is twilight saga a film about someone having a bad time in the loo because of an overdose of saag?

Rahul Singh Jodha Akbar lekin agli baar jod na paya

Sajith Ansar An old soda has no fiza

Vikram Augustine Betaab-Story of a Gujju eagerly waiting for two tablets.

Sajith Ansar Is a film about a car in the Bronx called damini

Vikram Augustine Lashkar, a gory movie about beatings in Saudi.

Vikram Augustine Manzil – story about a man and his Russian car?
18 hours ago · Like

Vikram Augustine No transport in strike hit Hyderabad – Naqab

Vikram Augustine Is Oonch Neech Beech a manual for young lovers?
Sajith Ansar Is a film about a robber who steals hearts called Prem Rogue

Sajith Ansar Is karz made by Pixar?

Pushpendra Misra is sholay a film about bata marketing it’s shoes?

Shiva Kumar Chitchor is about lost notes.
Shiva Kumar Kabhi Khushi kabhi gum is about beating depression with wrigleys.

Sajith Ansar Is Raaz about a malayali and his love for a flower
Sajith Ansar Is Trimurti about a wooden statue

Sajith Ansar Is a malayali studying deforestation Trimurti

Sajith Ansar Is dilbar about a cold hearted person

Sajith Ansar Is beta a film still in its testing phase?

Shiva Kumar Parinda is a Parsi movie about a couple of eggs

Shiva Kumar Chakravyuh is about discarding the original view
Shiva Kumar Parineeta is about a restaurant that serves only for couples
Shiva Kumar Giraftar is about a large animal stuck on a recently laid road
Shiva Kumar Hum is about a bathroom singer

Hemant Suthar Mr India is about the gentleman in the lamp

Shiva Kumar Saudagar is about fixing a house made of cloth

Shiva Kumar Saudagar could also be about 100 Drupad singing brothers

Hemant Suthar Ya Haan ! Is affirmative in English and Hindi

Shiva Kumar Kwahish bless you

Shiva Kumar Like in Ishqiya bless you

Rahul Singh Junglee is that Shammi Kapoor classic about being being all gay and happy right in the middle of the year

Shiva Kumar Junoon is mid day mid year

Hemant Suthar Jab we mate is a program on Nat Geo
Rahul Singh Or is it about that blood feud between 2 Chinese families

Hemant Suthar Hay Ram is about Brotherhood of Transistors !

Rahul Singh Bhawani Junction is about this Parsi gentleman with knee problems
Hemant Suthar Padosan is a Japanese Master


Rahul Singh Meri Jung did very well in Germany. Little girls loved it there.

Rahul Singh Pado San had a but of flatulence problem too

Hemant Suthar BAWANDAR was a Parsi film about a man in jail

Shiva Kumar Bachpan is about a small play of words

Hemant Suthar Did you hear abou ” hum aap ke hain silicone ” ?

Sajith Ansar Taal is a film about drying yourself after a shower

Pushpendra Misra Is Pyar kiya toh darna kya a movie about public relations?

Rahul Singh Agent Vinod is about a man…. Zzzzzzzzz

Rahul Singh Professor Pyarelal was about communist propaganda

Shiva Kumar Gunaah is a bengali film that says ‘no shit’

Shiva Kumar Andaz apna apna is an animation about chicken safeguarding their egg

Rahul Singh Haath hi Mera saathi is all about being self reliant

Shiva Kumar Dil se is about a talking herb

Shiva Kumar Mast Kalandar is a documentary on importance of scheduling things

Shiva Kumar Chamatkar is a bangla movie about not drinking tea (or eating as the bengali’s say)

Shiva Kumar Vishwatma is about a confused guy when his mother offers him three boons
Shiva Kumar Rudaali is about an ill mannered boxer
Deepak Pathania Pather Panchali is when a rock proves to be stronger that a legendary boxer


 Suresh Venkat Aar Par is movie about golf

Sajith Ansar Is saajan about a doctor who performs operations?

Mitali Saran I don’t know whether to kill you or canonize you.