When it rained

Dubai gets just a few days of rain every year and it becomes a momentous occasion. Radio stations bring out their romantic playlists across languages, social media posts of raindrops and wet roads jostle for attention and every one is smiling. What’s app groups remind everyone that it’s magical and encourage people to head away from the office for tea or coffee.

Cloud formations visit a city that is used to clear skies and there’s a wonderful nip in the air. There’s a sense of celebration because everyone knows there’s not too many days like this.

I wonder when friends and relatives from other parts of the world see our posts of raindrops and clouds, do they wonder as they look at their rain drenched windows, what the big deal is.

Hear are some wonderful moments from my camera yesterday as this day of blessing passed by during a dubai winter. And yes, the day was magical!








Witnessing the bahrain protests

As I drove by from my meeting, I saw traffic slow down and hordes of police cars on the roads. A helicopter circled low and I noticed clouds of smoke from a distance.

The driver casually told me that this was normal and still a regular sighting especially on the weekends. Protestors burning rubber tyres and this had now moved into setting show rooms and other disruptions lately. I saw tear gas smoke also in the area as we drove by.

Life goes on in Bahrain but for sure business and every day life is affected slightly . It is a remarkable city with friendly people, a hospitable culture and a unique blend of modernity and tradition. I pray things get back to its usual vibrancy very quickly.