I love hand drawn typography

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 12.38.48 AM

I fall head over heels in love each time I see hand drawn typography. They have so much character and are so eloquent. We love infusing hand lettered designs in our projects too.

Here are a few inspiring ones from various resources online.

285937093312_SXns9la2_l  96872546197_pNthXxIt_l 185402762530_ehCQOkAB_l 314232497693_Rg1AUTg1_l 358819132041_hYEjTePx_l 358819132157_jLCy16k8_l 358819155473_6EN3NWa9_l 358819505463_ImrVtBlD_l 608119900111_6eLcOfX2_l 951736266188_vHjP1TI5_l 1590313469327_ConmqDKq_l 1590313469330_4NeAmrBX_l 2246464756809_cUy4B75E_l 3151059140465_chN35iSZ_l

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