The murals of Mission District

20130701-204258.jpgI was in San Francisco this week and a friend drove me down to Mission District. He promised me that the murals there would blow my mind. He said the streets were covered with some of the most expressive and colorful murals ever seen. He shared that they all had a story or made a statement for something the artists believed in.

I was awestruck and walking around mouth wide open at the intricate works of art. Each of them a different style and influence with direct or subliminal meanings that the artist expressed to the world.

Here a few pictures of some striking murals from Mission District, an important landmark for art lovers, designers and curious travelers. 20130701-204308.jpg20130701-204313.jpg20130701-204303.jpg20130701-204318.jpg20130701-204325.jpg20130701-204339.jpg20130701-204346.jpg20130701-204352.jpg


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