Idea spice business card design

Here’s the design of the IdeaSpice business cards. Each person gets an illustration done of their space within the office. When the cards are placed together it forms a puzzle that shows the full office.


A client who works with us typically will collect all the cards on an integrated branding project. It also communicates to everyone that they are part of one big family which is interconnected.

The card also has a scratch and win within the design. When you scratch the card, you discover that you have won a “cup of the worlds best coffee at IdeaSpice”. We live up to that promise and coffee at IdeaSpice is hand beaten and made with passion.

Each new person who joins is taught the IdeaSpice way of making coffee in every office and they are asked to make it for the others during their probation regardless of designation or seniority. Clients often drop in just for the coffee and a conversation if they are passing by!

Every office of IdeaSpice has the same design of the card with the team illustrations.

Rahul solanki in our office does the ritual of making the illustrations for each person. 20130526-114417.jpg20130526-114425.jpg20130526-114431.jpg20130526-114438.jpg20130526-114504.jpg20130526-114510.jpg20130526-114525.jpg

all the cards together
all the cards together


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