Social house, Dubai


I had dinner at Social house today with a client.

Social house is set by the fountain side in Dubai mall and its a place whose ambience and vibe i absolutely love.

Social House is large and spread into zones which are cut away from each other into cozy spaces. It has a cool and friendly, urban chic look which is accentuated with light wooden crate textures.

The fact that the outdoor area sits with a front seat view of the Dubai fountain makes that the favorite seating area at nights. It’s just magical when suddenly music snakes or way across the water body, the surface starts to glow and suddenly the water comes alive and does its dance. You are mesmerized into silence, watching the drama unfold with a smile even if you have seen it a hundred times before.

The service was amazing, friendly and quick. The food was great and has always been for me at Social House. I have loved the vibe as much when I have come by with the family and friends for weekend brunches.

I stayed back after the meeting today and sketched. Something about the place allowed me to be alone even in the crowd. 20130423-223416.jpg20130423-223422.jpg20130423-223430.jpg20130423-223435.jpg20130423-223445.jpg20130423-223456.jpg

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