Brilliant video that questions exams!

I love this new video during the viral rounds lately. I think the words are amazing and they post a question which makes us think deep. Is the method of evaluating students the right method. I love the words which ask whether its right to evaluate a room full of individuals who are all so different in one common manner. Great thoughts to relook at education and the way we bring up our kids. When we want our children to grow up as unique individuals and thought leaders, should we be subscribing to a plug and play model of education and is an examination the right test of ability?

I am blessed to have been at a school since my early days which never had an exam at all. We were taught as individuals and the teachers gave us individual reports of our abilities for our parents to understand progress. The J Krishnamurti foundation has schools around the world and the system makes so much sense at the backdrop of the words of this song.


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