A surreal phenomenon in serendipity

A few weeks ago my 3 year old son was making a Mother’s Day card in his play school. The kids had to splash paint and fold the card to make shapes with the splotch. Zain, my son brought his card and gifted it to my wife. We proudly have him a hug and kept the card aside.

A few days later a friend came home and my wife showed her the card proudly. She screamed with excitement at the form she saw in the card and we were amazed too. She saw the Indian god Ganesha in the paint and amazingly the picture was almost a replica.

As we stared more at it, the more we saw every single detail come alive. The trunk, the eyes, the hands with his weapons, his cross legged posture and every other aspect was swimming in the paint blotch.

It’s amazing how these amazing moments come by and you wonder what to make of these.

Here’s a picture of the paint blotch creation in serendipity and a reference of Ganeshas picture.

A very interesting phenomenon indeed by our three year old artist.



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