How we designed my cabin

My cabin was designed as a reflection of my personality and designed to inspire me to be at my thinking best.

We designed and fitted out the complete office in-house . There’s a wall with my sketches, a collection of odds and ends from my travel. The space is minimal with hardly any paper or files anywhere and the seating is like a living room. I have my thinking space in the bubble chair and theres a wash of natural light painting the room.


The colours and mood is light and earthy with hues of beige, white and brown and natural elements are used for the decor. Theres a wall with stone another with veneers, a surface also has turf with dragon flies on them. Black and white pictures of architecture which I shot adorn the walls. When I work I can look up and see pictures of my family smiling back at me.

I love working here, it soothes me and relaxes me. Its my spa, thinking space and alone time rolled into one!


Designed by Rahul Solanki and team, Idea Spice

Fitout by Spiceworks

IMG_8010 IMG_8016 IMG_8019 IMG_8020 IMG_7878 IMG_7881







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  1. thoroughly enjoyed my time at spice, thanks sajit for having us and yes you ve an awsome cabin especially thethinkin chair :-):-)

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