Sketches in a Singapore coffee shop

While Travelling to Singapore, I did a few sketches at a Starbucks on orchard street. It was midnight and raining outside.

While I was sketching people around me, I suddenly realised that on each table sat groups of friends busy with their phones. They were hanging out but not conversing or acknowledging each other. Smiling into their devices wrapped in its glow they hardly looked up at each other. Then they paid the bill and left.


Here’s another page that’s an ode to coffee!


And here’s one more exploration from my monk series that’s an attempt to add more color to my illustrations and also attempt a much larger format. It explores the meaning of equanimity.



I haven’t been documenting everyday moments much while exploring hand lettering or doodling funny animals or monks.

Note to self: carry sketch book around and explore interesting snippets of every day life on paper.

8 thoughts on “Sketches in a Singapore coffee shop

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      1. There are things I have written that would go nicely with your illustrations, and I like how you think. 🙂
        Are you on Facebook?
        You will find me as Paulette Le Pore Motzko, my full name. I am the only one with that name in the world, to my knowledge….easy to find.
        I am also on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter by my nick name PollyMotzko.

        Let us connect!

        Paulette Motzko


  1. Looking forward to the sketches that are captured through people watching and everyday life:)

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