Monk and Koi conversations 9

Monk was expecting the Koi any moment now, he could sense Koi’s curious energy. Koi appeared on cue, gently past the lotus leaves near the banks of the lake.

“Monk, I have something I want to talk about today.”

“Koi, I see you have brought your friends along too.”

“I have been sharing our conversations and they are intrigued as well Monk. They wanted to listen in if you don’t mind.”

“So what did you want to talk about today Koi? I am happy to have your friends listen in.”

“What does having a vision mean? I have been hearing some of the other fish attribute their success to this.”

Koi’s friends noticed interestingly that Monk hadn’t opened his eyes once and he listened and spoke like he was still in deep meditation. “Koi, a vision is to be able to see your future so clearly that you can hear what’s around you, smell and touch every aspect of where you are. When you are standing in your future, you will see every detail of your life. Suddenly, you will know in your very pore that this where you are surely going to be- you have your vision.”

“Don’t forget its also about enjoying the journey every day as you get to the future and rolling down the window, looking at the moving landscape knowing you will reach your destination.”

Koi and her friends stayed in silence soaking in the thought. Without speaking, they turned and swam away together with Monk’s words still conversing in their minds.

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