Monk and Koi conversations 10

There was a slight drizzle and Koi wasn’t sure he would find the monk. She swam towards the garden anyway, amidst gentle ripples that danced as raindrops kissed the water. The monk was there, in his regular spot by the water, sitting cross legged with an aura of calm around him, unperturbed by the rain and the wind.

“Monk, I wasn’t sure you would be here today. I suspect this rain may get heavy. There’s a storm approaching. Why don’t you go back inside?”

Koi looked up at the dense grey clouds that gathered like an army above.

Monk remained in his meditative state and spoke after a minute, his eyes remained closed “Thank you Koi for passing by to check on me.”

“It’s the storms that pass through our lives that teach us about the sunshine that follows. I have learnt that when you soak in the rain and welcome the storms, the sunshine that follows shines brighter.”

The Monk went silent and slipped back into his bubble of silence. Koi had so much to think about as she headed back. She turned to see the monks robe fluttering in the wind, leaves danced around him just as the rain came down harder. Monk had an umbrella of peace that kept him dry as the rain soaked him.

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