Monk & Koi conversations 8

The Koi was back after a few days. Swimming up to the monk on a cold winter morning, as a blanket of fog hung over the lake.

The monk spoke first, with his eyes gently shut, yet sensing Koi was nearby in silence. “You are back Koi. How have you been?”

“I am well Monk. Your ideas have kept me thinking the last few days. Today, I am back with yet another question.” The monk smiled indulgently at the Koi, waiting for her question.

“How do I become a better person. What do I do in order to be liked? I want to do so much and connect with the fish in the pond and whatever I try, I can’t become popular.”

Monk spoke softly, careful not to disturb the morning breeze, “Koi when we leave behind the concept of in order to and do things just by being yourself you will find a difference. Your authentic self will allow you to just be. Not to please, not to connect and magically people will discover the real you. Without a plan, without a mask and this energy is infectious, as you will shine through like today’s golden dawn.”

“Koi. Just be.”

Koi smiled and understood clearly what Monk said. He swam away and saw the monk retreat into himself, as the breeze blew ripples upon the lake

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