Dream spaces for thinking and alone time

Heres a collection of spaces which I created as a mood board for dream spaces to be alone and get some thinking time in. Dream spaces to rejuvenate the mind and spirit. I guess the themes running through the spaces I love are high ceilings, natural light, contemporary minimal spaces, books and nature. 8556717118_mMoEayrp_l 18417478711_gWvTiBrj_l 96229448306_mljroI86_l 108233560884_42oSXD3i_l 124739170704_MTiwQfFF_l 130526870321_V4FAk6jZ_l 130741219802_Qk1lutMg_l 161609003982_F7qjTjYw_l 161609004098_Ab5ehvWf_l 169111959391_3X1ahd5Y_l 326450960520_f5GA4Pxe_l 887428593850_fhkDfnrW_l 930943450630_IL2zqx65_l 930943450669_sJWaigGh_l

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