The new office interiors of GSC


Our interior and fitout division recently handed over the new office for GSC consulting.

GSC is one of the leading consultancies in the region for strategy, finance and technology with large government and local clients. They wanted a new design for their office which reflected their growth and current position as a leader in their field. Spiceworks designed and executed the project with fitout and project management. Our branding company Idea Spice had earlier created their brand and the office needed to reflect the same DNA and extend the design language in the environment.

Here are some pictures of the new office which was recently handed over to a client who is more of a close friend and confidante! We wish them the very best in their new premises and pray the space is the catalyst that will take them to the next level in their business._J3W3881 _J3W3860 _J3W3839 _J3W3831

The murals of Mission District

20130701-204258.jpgI was in San Francisco this week and a friend drove me down to Mission District. He promised me that the murals there would blow my mind. He said the streets were covered with some of the most expressive and colorful murals ever seen. He shared that they all had a story or made a statement for something the artists believed in.

I was awestruck and walking around mouth wide open at the intricate works of art. Each of them a different style and influence with direct or subliminal meanings that the artist expressed to the world.

Here a few pictures of some striking murals from Mission District, an important landmark for art lovers, designers and curious travelers. 20130701-204308.jpg20130701-204313.jpg20130701-204303.jpg20130701-204318.jpg20130701-204325.jpg20130701-204339.jpg20130701-204346.jpg20130701-204352.jpg


Vegas through my iphone


I was in Vegas this week and here are some pictures of the city through my iphone.

Vegas has a vibrant energy of its own and weaves its dreams for anyone who visits. I loved the kitsch, the neon, the details in the architecture, the amazing sense of service across the city and the amazing shows by Cirque de Soliel. Each hotel is themed and inspired by elements of that theme. Venice, New York, Paris and a host of themes are reflected in the best hotels in Vegas. Each hotel is a self sufficient Eco system in itself with its casinos, shopping malls, pools, world class restaurants and facilities.

I was there for just 3 days and here are some pictures from the trip.






















Super fun office in Manila


The office of Migo, a media and entertainment company in Manila is fun, hip and high energy. Using traditional elements from homes in Manila and fusing it with an urban theme, they pulled off a space thats high energy and reflects the culture in a rather cool way. I love the textures and the fusion and the bold use of the traditional.

Workspace That Promotes Collaboration and Creativity – Design Milk.

Home grown brands

We are making a film on Home grown brands. Branding work done for clients of ours at Ideaspice,
who have started businesses by themselves and successfully transformed them into brands that have connected with their consumers.

We are covering 6 entrepreneurs across industries and asking them to share their story and challenges and inspire other start ups and business men. They will also share the impact of branding and design on their differentiation.

Today is the last day of shooting. We are currently at M2M, (made to measure) which offers bespoke suits for men. Last week we shot at little champions, a Pre school, Pantry cafe and Farada, Arabic footwear for men. For all these projects we have been involved from the naming, branding, design and interiors. Today we will also be interviewing the young entrepreneurs behind Fuego, a Mexican lounge in souk al bahar, dubai and milestone, a landscaping firm.

I will share the videos soon. Looking forward to the end product.

Umair Tareen from digitally films is directing the film and Asif limbada is the Director of photography. The film is being shot in Red Epic and Leica lens. The rushes are looking super!






Trendspotting: Eco confetti turns into wildflowers


WHat a fantastic idea! Confetti that grows into wildflowers after it has been used. The confetti is made with biodegradable material embedded with wildflower seeds. Now you dont feel guilty throwing confetti and littering the place, they will grow into flowers if you forget to clean up!

Available at netherlands based gift store NIKO and its called Throw & grow event confetti. What a simple concept for a oft ignored product! Love it

Eco confetti turns into wildflowers | Springwise.

Instillation in dubai mall

There’s a beautiful installation in Dubai mall. It’s a waterfall that cascades down 4 levels . Over the waterfall are floating statues of a diver.

As you stand and watch and see the water move below, you can feel the sensation of the dive and the exhilaration of the diver. The sound of falling water of course is magic to the soul!

I can stand and stare at the moment captured by this fascinating sculpture for ages.