Monk & Koi conversations 7

The Monk eyes were still shut, but he sensed an aura of restlessness as Koi approached him. “Is everything ok, Koi?” asked the monk with his eyes still closed.

The Koi spoke as he neared the banks of the zen garden. “Monk, I am not feeling happy today. I watched you and have been trying to meditate too. I just can’t find myself a beautiful space like yours. There’s no calm and tranquility anywhere. Where can I go and meditate without disturbance Monk?”

The Monk smiled indulgently at Koi. “Koi, it is not the space that needs to be tranquil. It is us. You could find your bubble in the middle of a crowded train, you could create a moment of nothingness at an intense meeting or connect to yourself at a concert even.”

“The garden we are speaking in right now is only in my mind, Koi. As we speak, I am surrounded by timelines, commitments and digital noise. I still hear your voice Koi, and I hear the sound of ripples as you approach and i hear the energy of your thoughts.”

“Meditation is untangling the mind before the surroundings do.”

Koi’s worries dissipated magically. He bowed his head and disappeared slowly amidst the lotus leaves of the monk’s mind.

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