Falling in love with San Fransisco


I fell in love with San Fransisco.

I was there for a fleeting 2 days and tried to pack in as much across all modes of transport. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and took a long run across the city, I jumped onto the Big bus and did a hop on hop off tour of the city, got off at China Town and explored the streets and quaint stores. Then a school friend picked me up and drove me around, sharing stories, history and cultural snippets, stopping at Mission District and showing me the murals, then the cliff houses and a stop near the golden gate, off to the Twin peaks to see the city from the top. We then drove over to Los Altos and had dinner with other school buddies.

The next day I had a half day before my flight back and a friend of mine fixed up a plane ride. I hopped onto a Piper and saw the whole city from the skies. I even got a chance to be behind the wheel and fly the plane for a while. The day was perfect, clear skies and clouds kissing the Golden gate. I flew over Alcatraz, Half moon bay, peeked at Oakland and the bridges and the hills and fell in love all over again with the city. San Fransisco had an amazing blend of everything thats wonderful. The hills and the sea, magical architecture and quaint streets, Silicon Valley and spectacular architecture, friendly people with an aura of relaxation and contentment, outdoor lifestyle with joggers, surfers and cyclists dotting the streets and the beaches, shopping destinations and museums. Opera, Ballet, science, design and innovation sat side by side with an ethos of fun.   I am surely coming back to spend a lot more time exploring the magical city!


Click on any of the pictures to see them in a larger format

1 2 41 alcatraz apple bridge2 bridge3 bridge4 bridge8 bridge9 bridges bubble1 bubble2 bridgeandallbus china bubble3china2 cloud cloud2dog flag1 flight flight3gg golden1  china5museum neon romance1 san san1 sanfran  sanfran3 sanfran4 sanfran5 sanfran6 sanfran9 sanfran10  water

2 thoughts on “Falling in love with San Fransisco

  1. Hey saj!
    Ahhh…San Fran!! One of the best cities I’ve ever visited!
    My brother lived there for 5 yrs… So made the most of it while he was there… It’s a pity he’s back!! I miss frequenting the city!!
    Love the pictures!!! Truly captured every moment of your 2 days beautifully!

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