Turning 40


Tonight I turn 40! As the clock makes its way towards a great milestone and I let the number settle into my mind, I decided to pen some thoughts down.

I am in a place where I always wanted to be. Right now, I am charting my life upon the best waters of my life. The world has always conspired to send into my life hundreds of experiences, events, people, wisdom and life lessons in the guise of mistakes at crucial junctures.

Today, I feel a sense of balance and harmony in my life. An alignment of all aspects from passion, love, health, knowledge, friends, family, career, children, fun, hobbies, benefactors and adventure.

I see 40 as a perfect starting block. Looking back, I can see a long internship over, lessons learnt and an amazing journey about to unfold. I have a brilliant sense of self awareness and inner coherence and burning clarity of my life purpose.

The next few decades are about being in constant harmony and in pursuit of a a chief definitive aim. It’s about letting all the experiences and lessons of my life unknowingly flow into my daily life and bless me with a sense of authenticity and purpose.

I have learnt that the passion of my craft is paramount and that I will let the impact on my clients lead me than material gains. My mind and heart are in the zone where I have devoted my life to. I will not chase rainbows and try and build castles to massage my own ego. My passion to be a catalyst in the success of my clients business will be my life mission and I will hone this science like no one has ever before.

I am going to be the best damn brand designer, husband, father, son, friend, boss and relative in the world!

If I ever have a choice to live the perfect life, I would pick mine again!!

This is it!!

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