My zen moment today!


Todays illustration has a little preamble to its evolution.

I was all day at a business coaching session. Rajesh, my coach who has inspired me over the last nine years worked with us today on an array of new business ideas.

As I sat in the class today alongside many inspiring CEOs, assimilating the insights and wisdom, I sensed the past nine years like it was yesterday again. The thirst for being reborn again and again everyday and surrendering the wisdom of the past allows me to discover myself truly.

Today, there was a brilliant distinction between goals and horizons. As I had set my goals and achieved them, I kept raising the bar, making them tougher and tougher to inspire me to rise higher. While this worked beautifully and had taken me to heights I could never have imagined, there’s another dimension to this process and its outcome.

As vision boards and dreams fuel the journey, there’s a fine line where the goals became obsessive. Suddenly, everything I had wasn’t that exciting because I didn’t have the projected future yet. Where I was today seemed so insignificant to the future I had envisioned and visualized!

As I grappled with this and suddenly let the goals free and realized they were but horizons, I could yet again embrace the beauty of the moment.

This illustration is something that I sketched as I listened during the session. I came back in the evening and toyed with the idea of creating a frame that captured this concept and embedded the beauty of the moment.

This is my zen moment which I will never let go of again.

(Maybe I should work with Rajesh to evolve a graphic novel with a parallel to business coaching principles!)

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