Healthy ideas in today’s paper


An article on Djokovic’s doctor. This came in today’s gulf news and the summary had such simple ideas to implement. The doctor says adopting these simple changes are what nursed Djokovic back into great health.

Some ideas from the article are:

Do not eat while watching
television, playing games
on computers or talking on
phones etc, as you need to
stay ‘present’ with your food.

Do not eat and drink
at the same time,
particularly cold drinks,
which disturb the normal
process of digestion. They
block the normal function of
digestive juices and enzymes,
with cold drinks literally
pushing the food through the
stomach and intestine. Being
undigested in this way, food
starts to cause a problem for
the body.

Drink a warm (room
temperature is fine)
herbal tea 15 to 20
minutes after eating. This is
supportive to the digestive

Do not eat meat and
carbohydrates together
in the same meal, as this
affects digestion.
Always bless your food
and drink.

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