More travel pictures and inspiration

Here are a few pictures from my travel. There are pictures from different parts of the world and I try and look for interesting people and faces that tell so many stories. There are also moments and places that inspire me and have taken my breath away. I will keep adding to this collection.

1490_56068275399_8096_n 29196_422718050399_3517838_n 1490_56068280399_8410_n 1490_56068255399_6895_n 1490_56068215399_4484_n 231071_6930905399_5178_n 226301_6930875399_3521_n 221821_6930810399_444_n 158_9037390399_5795_n 158_9037405399_6692_n 382974_10150482830415400_1791312468_n 378391_10150482351730400_1278652529_n 377473_10150482353040400_36896519_n 302139_10150482966660400_1346347778_n 2624_75434660399_7217619_n 2624_75434655399_1596975_n 2624_75434650399_2730063_n 335_37308475399_7908_n 335_37308145399_4030_n 335_37308140399_3630_n 335_37308135399_3255_n 335_37308130399_2871_n 335_37308125399_2525_n 335_37308120399_2231_n 335_37308110399_1531_n 335_37308105399_1176_n 335_37308100399_868_n 335_37308085399_9804_n 335_37307100399_8520_n 335_37307060399_5914_n 335_37307035399_4392_n 335_37307020399_3411_n 335_37305900399_2812_n 335_37305880399_1563_n 335_37305870399_1035_n 335_37305860399_476_n 335_37305835399_9159_n 335_37305840399_9426_n 335_37305845399_9693_n 335_37305850399_9947_n 335_37305830399_8870_n 335_37305820399_8377_n 335_37305815399_8101_n 335_37305810399_7800_n

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