The definition of business simplified in one line!

Danny Myers has set up some of the best restaurant chains in the world including shake shack. In his book “setting the table”, he defines business so beautifully. Within these words is an ocean of ideas. In essence, this is all an entrepreneur should ever care about.

He says:

“Business, like life, is about how you make people feel. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.”

Wow!! Superb, simple and all encompassing.

Read the book. It’s an eye opener even for people outside th F&B industry.


15 simple manifestos that will surely ignite a need for one

“A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.

Manifesto is derived from the Italian word manifesto, itself derived from the Latin manifestum, meaning clear or conspicuous

Here are examples of manifestos visualized graphically that I found on Pinterest.

These inspire me to look inward and assimilate everything I hold dear and that which resonates with me, pen them down as my very own manifesto for living, working and being.

Coming real soon to a blog near you! 🙂
















Say a big NO to procrastination now!!


Procrastination is one the deadliest villains in the battle for success. Do it now! Pick the toughest and scary tasks in your job list and finish it right away! Every business book on excellence and self help books on brilliance wrestle with correcting the flaws of procrastination!!

Go ahead now and strike that job list off like its the last day of your life!!

Victory; philosophy for the day!


Mohammed Ali said it so simply, and this philosophy is so apt to live life by! When success and victory are the only visual the mind can see, it’s usually what comes our way. When the cracks of self doubts erode this confidence, what comes our way is what we are afraid of.

We gift ourselves not just what we dream, we gift ourselves the dreams we truly and surely believe will come true!!

Parenting musing for the day


How much to protect and how much to let them experience and learn as kids? This is always the big quandary.

As kids we enjoyed the freedom and learnt so much by doing things and making our mistakes. As a parent, so often the instinct is to protect and ensure everything is perfect.

I have to keep telling myself so often, that resilience and independence are such important virtues to nurture as well. One of the key ingredients for successful living is the ability to learn to adapt and bounce back with the least scars and the maximum wisdom learnt!