Bluetooth Electronic Lock concept

With Kevo, all you need is your smartphone to unlock your door. You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket or purse; just touch your lock, it will recognize your phone and unlock the door. No more fumbling for your keys or memorizing a code… just touch the lock to open.

Kwikset: Kevo – Bluetooth Electronic Lock.

The birth certificate reinvented!


East London Studio IWANT overhauls the birth certificate for the digital age and imagines it to be more personalised and detailed. They visualised the certificate in a digital format as well as a hard copy containing details from the moment we are born.

“All the information on the existing birth certificate is kept – mother, father, name, registrar. For location we added mapping co-ordinates, for the digital version. We then added more detail – exact time of birth, type of birth, physical attributes including weight, length, head circumference, hand and foot prints, blood type and eye and hair colour; then astrological and astronomical details – moon cycle, ruling planet, weather. We included the etymology of the given name, the birth flower and stone, religion and the ruling monarch.”

Rethink: The birth certificate by IWANT | Inspirationist.

App recommendations 1

I have started using Lift after reading about it in Fast Company and boy am I hooked!

Lift helps motivate you in a unique manner to form the habits you have always wanted with a little help from everyone around. It’s like making resolutions and working upon them. The visual reports, working I. A community on each resolution besides getting ideas and props from the network really helps. I am using it and seeing results. Resolutions are becoming actions and the actions are quickly snowballing into habits.

It’s a simple and effective kick start to change. Try it!!