About this blog and me…


This blog will be as myriad as my personality- design thoughts, inspirations, parenting, romance, health tips, business ideas, humor, puns, illustrations, trends, fashion, photography, poetry and any stray thought that flutters by…

When i am not blogging, I run a creative firm Idea Spice which I founded 13 years ago. The site is http://www.ideaspice.com.

I graduated as a product designer from The National Institute of Design (NID) and did the MEP program at The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA).

I worked at Core Emballage and founded and ran a profit centre that designed, manufactured and retailed innovations in recycled paper.

Idea Spice was set up 13 years ago in dubai with offices now in mumbai also. We have created over 1200 brands worldwide. 

I lecture at universities on entrepreneurship and design regularly. I also speak on entrepreneurship and design around the world at conferences, seminars and forums.

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