In memory of a professor 

A really inspiring professor of mine passed away this week. He taught me almost 25 years ago and the fuandamentals of the design process he instilled is so deep that I  still carry the ideas with me to solve my client’s design problems. Even today, every word he taught is ringing clear as I draw upon their science and logic and apply it to my profession. 

It’s amazing how some educators shine like a beacon of light and stay inspiring years later. What sets them apart? It’s the passion to touch their student’s lives and the pure passion for  the subject they teach. 

M P Ranjan lived and breathed design till the very end. His eyes twinkled with passion as he spoke about design thinking, design education and it’s far reaching impact. He inspired every student he met along the way even years after they had graduated.
Imagine if each educator could impact their students, what a wonderful world it would be. 
I wrote these words the day after he passed away and drew this too. 

It’s overwhelming seeing the outpouring of grief, stories and anecdotes on how Ranjan impacted all our lives. He was a professor who wore a twinkle in his eyes as he inspired and educated. 
He was many things to many people. He was an educator and a mentor, pushing boundaries and encouraging each of us to do more and think more. He was a design evangelist, speaking up for causes and being a catalyst of change. He was a source of inspiration, igniting in each of us an ability to think behind our abilities. He was a farmer, installing within each of us the seed of curiosity and discovery. 
Ranjan laid the foundation and inspired the process of design, explained systems thinking and the ability to use this to solve any problem. He taught us that design is a powerful tool and taught us to wield it responsibly. 
We will all miss his thoughts, questions, his cheshire grin and timeline of selfies. This is a void which can’t be filled and his legacy will always live on in our work. 
Thank you Ranjan for your role in all our lives. You will continue to inspire us wherever you are.


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